Sharon Lock updates on the Gaza situation

YouTube – Sharon Lock updates on the Gaza situation.


More children among Gaza dead


“Palestinian children are increasingly among the dead as the Gaza death toll continues to rise.

One man has lost his entire family – including children, wife, parents and cousins – after a single attack.

Mohammed Vall reports.”

YouTube – More children among Gaza dead.

Witness – Young Freud in Gaza (2 Parts)

“Young Freud in Gaza is about a young Palestinian psychotherapist named Ayed who runs a clinic in Gaza for people traumatised by violence.”

YouTube – Witness – Young Freud in Gaza – 20 Nov 08 – Part 1.

Inside Story – Gaza regional impact (2 Parts)

“A week and a half since Israel started its campaign in Gaza and there is now talk of the conflict spilling into other parts of the region.

As diplomats and political leaders throughout the Middle East scramble to find ways to bring an end to the war, can a prolonged battle with an increasing number of victims spill into neighbouring countries?

Inside Story, presenter David Foster is joined by Timur Goksel, a former senior advisor of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon; Mounzer Sleiman, the director of the Center for American and Arab Studies in Washington DC; and Robert Jordan, a former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia.”

YouTube – Inside Story – Gaza regional impact – 06 Jan 09 – Part 1.

Footage of attacks on Israeli troops in Gaza

Al Jazeera has obtained footage of what is purported to be a video recording of attacks on Israeli troops in Gaza.

Al Jazeera cannot independently verify the content of the footage.

YouTube – Footage of attacks on Israeli troops in Gaza – 06 Jan 09.

Israeli strikes hit UN schools


The United Nations has called for an independent investigation after a third UN school has been has been hit by an Israeli strike, killing 40 people and injuring 45. It’s the third strike on a UN school in the last 24 hours, as Al Jazeera’s Roza Ibragimova reports.

YouTube – Israeli strikes hit UN schools – 06 Jan 09.

11th day of bombardments in Gaza

YouTube – 11th day of bombardments in Gaza.

The latest from Gaza | Democracy Now (2 Parts)


The UN says around a quarter of the dead are civilians, but that figure excludes adult males. Today, we will look at one of those men killed. I am joined by Fares Akram. He is the Gaza correspondent for The Independent of London. His father was killed in an Israeli F-16 attack on Saturday. His wife is nine months pregnant. We also speak with UNRWAs Christopher Gunness on the Israeli bombing of an UN school that killed three people
Part 2:…

YouTube – The latest from Gaza 1/6/09 from Democracy Now (1 of 2).

Historical amnesia and Gaza…

Phyllis Bennis: Where you decide to start the clock determines how you define the crisis Pt.1/3

YouTube – Historical amnesia and Gaza.

Israeli attack on Gaza school kills 30


UN officials say thirty people, including children, have been killed in an Israeli strike on a United Nations-run school in Gaza. The attack in the north of the region is the single most deadly incident since Israel began its offensive 11 days ago.

YouTube – Israeli attack on Gaza school kills 30.