400 Gazans endangered as vital medicine nears depletion

[ 18/01/2011 – 06:37 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Gaza’s Health Minister Bassem Naim said 400 kidney patients in Gaza are at risk as dialysis solution provided by the World Health Organization is on the brink of running out.

The warning came when Naim welcomed to Gaza a delegation from the Gaddafi International Foundation on Tuesday.

Naim praised the Libyans’ role in ongoing support of the Palestinian cause in Arab and international forums.

“We are suffering from difficulty in producing funds required for the ministry’s operating expenses, which are estimated at more than 2.5 million dollars a month, and in paying expensive rent for storage,” the health minister said.

Most of the medicines donated to the Gaza Strip are either outdated or damaged, Naim told the Libyan delegation. He added that the Israeli economic blockade is to blame for a critical shortage in spare parts used in medical equipment, much of which has broken down due to the strip’s frequent power failures.

The Libyan delegation expressed willingness to help provide the ministry with priorities and needs, and to help send Palestinian doctors abroad and Libyan doctors to the strip for training.

400 Gazans endangered as vital medicine nears depletion.


Gaza running out of medical supplies

The Gaza Strip is suffering chronic shortages in medical supplies according to its ministry of health
Saleh Naami in Gaza, Tuesday 18 Jan 2011

Gaza’s ministry of health warned that continuing shortages in medical supplies could bring surgical operations at hospitals in the Strip to a standstill.

Mounir Al-Borsh, the ministry’s chief of pharmaceuticals, said there were chronic shortages in medical supplies and medical essentials in the operating rooms.

He indicated that some 183 medicines and 165 types of medical supplies were out of stock in the ministry’s storage and hospitals.

This worsens every day, he added.

Al-Borsh held the Ramallah government responsible for involving medical supplies in the political wrangling between Gaza and the West Bank by using the sick as pawns and punishing Gaza’s Palestinian population as a whole.

In his statement, Al-Borsh said that the international Red Cross managed to transport into Gaza enough dialysis solution to last a month.

He called on the government in Ramallah to supply the Gaza Strip with the medicine necessary pointing out that a share of medicine provided by the World Bank must be given to Gaza.

The WB’s supply is to all Palestinians including Gaza’s population, he emphasised.

Al-Borsh called on international organisations to intervene quickly and pressure Ramallah’s health ministry to end the shortage which has created disastrous conditions for thousands of sick Gazans.

Gaza running out of medical supplies – Region – World – Ahram Online.

Naim: Gaza short on medicines and medical supplies

[ 12/01/2011 – 02:12 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian minister of health Dr. Basem Naim warned that the Gaza Strip suffers from an acute shortage of medicines and medical needs, especially due to the reluctance of the illegitimate government in Ramallah to send Gaza its portion of medical supplies fully.

In a medical symposium held in Gaza on Tuesday evening, Dr. Naim stated that his ministry needs millions of dollars every year to face challenges and difficulties related to the health sector.

He stressed that despite the many hardships, the health ministry in Gaza managed to take steady steps towards the improvement of the health sector.

The minister pointed out that the ministry developed a plan to deal with any Israeli military aggression against Gaza and formed a high emergency administration with branches throughout the Strip and a media center.

The minister appealed to all international humanitarian organizations to help Gaza people, especially the patients, medically and provide the health sector with its needs of medical supplies.

Naim: Gaza short on medicines and medical supplies.

Health Ministry: Gaza Strip will soon run out of dialysis solution, insulin

[ 10/01/2011 – 08:18 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Gaza Health Ministry warned Sunday that the Strip will run out of dialysis solution and insulin in days.

“The drug deficit has reached more than 40 per cent in the warehouses. There are 165 missing medical consumables,” the ministry’s General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals said.

The Health Ministry has held its counterpart in the PA-governed West Bank responsible for the shortage and accused it of withholding essential medicines.

Only 37 per cent of required medical supplies reached the Strip in 2010, the Health Ministry said, warning that a medical disaster affecting thousands of patients could befall the Gaza Strip at any moment.

Since Israel tightened its economic siege of the region four years back, 378 Palestinians have died from lack of medicines and being prohibited to get treatment abroad.

In a separate development, the Ministry of Health has announced that the Gaza Strip is free of the swine flu, caused by the H1N1 virus.

Several people were recorded to have been infected with the virus in the neighboring areas of the West Bank, Jordan, and more.

“No case of the virus has reached us. We are prepared to cope with such cases,” the ministry’s undersecretary Dr. Hassan Khalaf told the Quds Press.

Gaza was the last place in the world affected by the virus.

Health Ministry: Gaza Strip will soon run out of dialysis solution, insulin.

Gaza Health Ministry says Medicine – Insulin and Kidney Dialysis Fluid Running Out Within Days

Published today 21:53

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza’s Ministry of Health warned Sunday that it was at risk of running out of insulin and kidney dialysis fluid within days.

The ministry’s pharmacy administration said its deficit of stored medicine had reached 40 percent, and that it had run out of medication to treat leukemia, blood problems, epilepsy, thalassemia and maternal health problems.

The Health Ministry blamed its Palestinian Authority counterpart for the deficit, saying the Ramallah-based ministry had only sent 37 percent of medicine allocated to the Gaza Strip in 2010.

The Gaza government ministry appealed to international organizations to intervene and urged all involved parties to pressure the PA to send medicine to the Strip.

Maan News Agency: Gaza Health Ministry says medicine running out.

Medics shocked at number of child deformity in last Gaza war

[ 08/01/2011 – 04:49 PM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– A Lebanon-based doctors association interested in breaking the Gaza siege expressed shock over the number of Gaza children who were deformed by internationally-banned weapons in the last Israeli war on Gaza.

Briefing a Friday press conference in Beirut after a trip to the Gaza Strip to assess its medical situation, the campaign said the Strip was rife with children deformed by white phosphorus, depleted uranium, napalm, cluster bombs, and other internationally-prohibited arms in the last Gaza war.

The medical association said there was a sharp shortage in critically needed medicines in the Strip.

The Gaza health ministry has made frequent accusations recently against the West Bank-governing Palestinian Authority of withholding hundreds of out of stock medical supplies.

Meanwhile, a Gaza man died Saturday waiting to cross Israeli borders to receive treatment.

The victim, Anas Jumaa Salih, suffered from blockage of the hepatic venous circulation. Israeli authorities denied his entry through the northern Gaza Strip Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing.

The Gaza health ministry appealed to all international and human rights groups to swiftly intervene to save the patients in Gaza, placing some of the blame on the West Bank government for withholding vital medicines.

Medics shocked at number of child deformity in last Gaza war.

Five Israeli naval ships tracking Asian aid ship

Five Israeli naval vessels are tailing the ship carrying humanitarian supplies from Asia to the besieged residents of Gaza.

Speaking via satellite phone, Shaheen Moidunny, who is on board the ship Salam, told The Hindu that Israeli ships had been tracking the movements of their vessel for the last six hours. Radio contact had been established with the Israeli navy. “We are only one hour away from the Egyptian port of Al-Arish, where the ship would be docked,” Mr. Moidunny said. He clarified that there were no plans to take the ship to Gaza. “All the humanitarian supplies would be taken overland from Al-Arish to the Rafa crossing on the Egyptian Gaza border,” he said.

Mr. Moidunny said only eight persons were on board the aid ship, while the rest of the activists, from several Asian countries had been flown into Egypt from Syria.

According to the Egyptian website Ahram Online, the “Asia to Gaza Solidarity Caravan” had remained stuck for nearly a week at the Syrian port of Latakia, before Egyptian authorities granted it permission to enter Al-Arish port. Activists from more than 15 countries, the majority of whom are Indians ,but also include nationals from Iran, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Kuwait are participating in this initiative

The convoy, which set off from New Delhi on December 2, was scheduled to reach Gaza by December 27, a day ahead of the second anniversary of Israel’s 22-day war on Gaza.

Earlier, Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper quoted Palestinian sources as saying that the Egyptian embassy in Damascus had issued visas to 120 activists, but had denied entry to another 46 hailing from Jordan and Iran. Some of the aid material, including 10 generators donated by Iran, were not allowed on the ship, and the size of the cargo was kept below 300 tonnes.

The Hindu : News / International : Five Israeli naval ships tracking Asian aid ship.

Israel blocks essential medical supplies for Gaza hospitals

[ 27/12/2010 – 08:01 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Gaza Health Ministry’s maintenance and engineering authority warned of the dangers of Israel’s block of chemicals used in the oxygen station at the maternity ward of Shifa hospital and spare parts for CT at the European Hospital in Khan Younis from being delivered to the ministry’s institutions.

Maintenance and engineering director Bassam al-Hamadein at the ministry stressed Thursday that the Gaza Strip has been suffering for four years from an unjust siege that has left a devastating impact on all aspects of life, Israel’s block of medical supplies into the Strip is exacerbating the health situation.

Hamadein called on the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and other rights groups for the necessity for swift intervention in providing the Gazans with their medical needs.

The health ministry called on donor government and non-government organizations to pressure Israel to give clearance for needed medical supplies to be delivered to the ministry.

Israel blocks essential medical supplies for Gaza hospitals.