Gaza News Update | Israeli Soldier Refuses To Fight

YouTube – Gaza news update, – an Israeli soldier refuses to fight… :).


Weapons expert talks on Israel ‘phosphorus use’

Allegations of the use of white phosphorus have been made against Israel in their attack on the Gaza Strip and firework-like explosions during the offensive like those made when using the chemical have been widely seen. Al Jazeeras Jacky Rowland spoke with Marc Garlasco, a weapons expert, on the border with Gaza about the viability of these claims.




YouTube – Weapons expert talks on Israel ‘phosphorus use’ – 13 Jan 09.

CNN: Israel Uses White Phosphorous Against Palestinian Civilians

CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports that Israel is hesitant to answer questions about its use of white phosphorous weapons.

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YouTube – CNN: Israel Uses White Phosphorous Against Palestinian Civilians.

Gaza Under Seige: Mohammed’s Story

This is the story of Mohammed, a 12 years old child from Alatatra area north of the Gaza, he and his family flee from his home 9 days ago, when Israeli army started the ground operation in the Gaza. Now he lives in UNRWA school in Gaza city in a miserable situation where there is no electricity, lake of water, and fear everywhere.



A freelance filmmaker in Gaza shot this material for Save the Children at a UN supported school for Gazans displaced from their homes.


YouTube – Gaza Under Seige: Mohammed’s Story.


PRESS TV | 18th day Gaza Carnage | Update

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Israel rains bombs on ‘own soldier’
Source: Press TV
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 07:45:00 GMT

The Hamas military wing has revealed that Tel Aviv has launched airstrikes against a house where a captured Israeli soldier was kept.

Four Hamas fighters and the soldier were targeted by an Israeli warplane in a northern area of the coastal slither, reads a Monday statement from the al-Qassam Brigades.

“The planes of the Zionist enemy bombed the house and destroyed it completely, thus putting an end to the life of its soldier,” the statement continues.

“They preferred this horrific death for their soldier to him being imprisoned by the Mujahideen of al-Qassam,” adds the statement.

Prior to Israel’s ground offensive inside the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Hamas had warned that sending Israeli troops into the area would prompt operations for more Shalit-like captures.

Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured two years ago in a cross-border operation by Palestinian fighters.

“If you commit a foolish act by raiding Gaza, who knows, we may have a second or a third or a fourth Shalit,” Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal had warned.

The Israeli bombing of and ground incursion into the besieged Gaza Strip, which began on December 27, have so far killed at least 940 Palestinians and wounded 4400 others, many of whom were women and children.

“We are still planning to capture more [Israelis] in the future and we are certain that our attempts will succeed,” added the al-Qassam Brigades in its Monday statement.

Three days into the Israeli offensive inside the Gaza Strip, media reports indicated that Gilad Shalit had been wounded in Israeli air strikes.

A website close to Hamas quoted a Palestinian source as saying that “the Israeli soldier held by Hamas was injured in one of the Israeli air strikes.”

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai responded that Tel Aviv pays much attention to the situation of the captured soldier.

“We take Gilad into account in every action we take in Gaza, his situation is a consideration, [but] I believe the less we talk about this matter, the better,” he said.

Many Israelis believe the war on Gaza is a clear subjugation of Corporal Shalit’s safety to broader military goals.

The controversy surrounding Tel Aviv’s inability to secure Shalit’s release is one of the issues dominating the Israeli political landscape ahead of parliamentary elections set for February 20.



YouTube – 18th day Gaza carnage update.

Gazans speak of life under Israeli fire

Gaining access to areas which have come under attack in Gaza is difficult.

However, Al Jazeera has managed to speak to some of the residents living in the heavily shelled district of Zeitoun near Gaza City.

They describe their experiences under Israeli fire.

YouTube – Gazans speak of life under Israeli fire – 13 Jan 09.

UNRWA emergency shelters and bombed schools

In this video we see families sheltering from the Israeli attacks on Gaza at a United Nations-run school.

It shows the after math of bombings on the Dar al-Fadila Association for Orphans, which included a school, a college, a computer centre and a mosque, on Taha Hussein Street in the Kherbat al-Adas neighbourhood in the north-east of Rafah.

The school had been assisting about 500 children disadvantaged children. Nearly 20 mosques have now been destroyed or severely damaged by the Israeli military since 27th December.

This video was filmed by ISM volunteers on the ground in Gaza.

YouTube – UNRWA emergency shelters and bombed schools.

Ambulance driver pleading for help over the phone

YouTube – Ambulance driver pleading for help over the phone.

Gaza suffers worst bombardment yet, we speak to Zaki Chehab author “Inside Hamas” | Democracy Now

YouTube – Gaza suffers worst bombardment yet, we speak to Zaki Chehab author “Inside Hamas” 1/13/09 Democracy Now.

Riz Khan – Israel’s justification for war (2 Parts)


Though Israel has struck at hundreds of targets across Gaza, it has yet to seriously injure Hamas’ fighting force, the Izz ed-Din al Qassam brigades. But what does ‘victory’ mean for Israel?

via YouTube – Riz Khan – Israel’s justification for war – 13 Jan 09 – Part 1.