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We were hundreds, probably thousands taking part in the first part of the worldwide #Gaza2 Campaign organized by activists on Twitter, consisting of tweeting a maximum of informations about Gaza, especially from 5 to 7pm GMT. And despite the censorship imposed by Twitter and that prevented the hashtag from showing in the trending topics (as it SHOULD have, see explanation below…), we did it:

This is how it looked like worldwide at 8:25pm GMT:

And this is the statistical representation:

It was even announced trending in Manchester by @trendsmanc:

Even though Twitter didn’t show it, we made it, obviously. =))

Because the victims of the Gaza massacre in 2008-2009 had names, we wanted to honor them, hence the most striking part of that tweeting session was the listing of all the martyrs, their age, address, occupation, and date of death. A kind of virtual memorial to denied murdered souls. Beside that, a huge effort of facts and stats gathering has been made, especially by the Never Cast Lead Again blog, which has been a great source of information we will keep on using in the future to shed light on Gaza’s condition.

The massacre lasted 22 days. 22 long days for Palestinians in Gaza, locked up between walls, sea and tanks. We will keep up the struggle for Gaza, because so long as there is faith, there will be hope. Please read the following tweets, picked up from yesterday’s tweeting session (more here):

@Umm_Issa We won’t forget Moaz Yaser Abed Abu Tair (6) Abasan, Khan Younis – #Gaza2

@ArabVoicesSpeak Saw a Gazan woman who medical staff thought she was dead & left her on floor then they saw her 9 months belly move, baby & mom alive #gaza2

@SelinMakaveli Unsent Letter: To The Palestinian Girl Whose Parents Were Killed At The Seaside By An Israeli Rocket http://bit.ly/f5ejw2 #Gaza2

@uruknet ‘Some were decapitated. My cousin and his son died in front of me’http://bit.ly/eRMAOK #gaza2

@Asif_B Stand up comedian addresses Israeli terror http://j.mp/fSgWh5#gaza2

@norabf Read our activism roundup: world to commemorate Gaza massacre anniversary http://bit.ly/dNrHbH (on @intifada)

@_Has Israel maintains effective control of Gaza’s borders, its airspace, and the waters beyond the Gaza coast. Gaza is an open-air prison#Gaza2

@beatsNOTbombs: 2 year old Fares Tala’at Asa’ad Hammouda, murdered by the “most moral army in the world”. #Gaza #Gaza2

@Remroum A Poem for Gaza http://bit.ly/h8TMG3 #Gaza2

@ummhajarforpal “Never Cast Lead Again” got ~1,800 visits today! Visit that great database on#Gaza and spread http://ht.ly/3uViz #Gaza2

@uruknet Video: #Gaza children left alone starving for days as mothers lay dead! http://bit.ly/7K3tEA #gaza2

@Palaestina During the Genocide: 10 schools, 8 kindergarten, 15 hospitals, 43 clinics, 30 mosques were completely destroyed by israeli shelling.#Gaza2

Amoona E.

#Gaza2 Campaign | First victory, keep going « ~ Kharabeesh ~.