Who can bear israeli humanright in Gaza?

Below photographs from Source: Islam Times – Who can bear israeli humanright in Gaza?

Imagine….. This is your country, closed,the world’s largest open air prison…

Imagine….. This is the result, of attacks, while you are caged…

Imagine….. You can’t flee no where…

Imagine….. You can not give a secure place to your loved ones….

Imagine….. This is your brother… sister… or child….. or you…

Imagine….. How life goes on for them… in Gaza

Imagine….. How long it will take, untill finally Human Rights are being effectuated in Gaza…

Don’t imagine anymore


Stop these crimes and violations of Human Rights

Palestinians are also humans

And have those rights too…




The Destruction




























































































The Martyred

A list of the names of the Martyred can be found here | Palestine Center for Human Rights


The body of one-year-old baby Farah Al-Helo is seen as she lies on the body of her uncle Mohammad Al-helo, killed by an Israeli tank shell, on January 5, 2009 at the mortuary of Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza City. Israel is intensifying its wide-scale ground assault against the Gaza Strip in an effort to put an end to Hamas rocket attacks against the Jewish State.





































































































































انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون