WHITE WASH WATCH | Goldstone’s Reconciderations on the Gaza Cast Lead Report


Current hasbara influenced media and kept backwards media outside the occupied terrritories almost are vomiting their propaganda for the next whitewash of Israel’s genocide on Gaza. Below this post continuous updates of (unbiased) news will be published.

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.
~Adolph Hitler

Israel is using it’s hasbara (again) to make us and media believe, no warcrimes were committed during Operation “Cast Lead” on Gaza which took place from 27 December 2008 until 18 January 2009. The current status quo since Judge Goldstone reconsidered his earlier “findings” in the self investigation of Israel’s acts during the war on Gaza is the reason IOA recently even had the courage to call on the United Nations to withdraw the whole report.

With utmost shameless courage Israels Foreign Minister Lieberman from Moldavia, like Goldstone zionist himself stated it was no surprise for him Goldstone retracted his earlier statements, as for even Bibi and himself had exerted great efforts to achieve the same before… (even without us noticing of course)

Here the Hitler quote falls in place: “Make the Lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”

In one line, the most catching description for the propaganda (in hebrew called Hasbara) of IOA, whitewashing every crime they commit or ever have been committing before. If this “tactic” does not work, everyone falls in state of denial again but never ever it has lead to a conviction of the zionist entity or the people ordering and forfilling the ongoing massacres on Palestinian people. The Nakba. 63 Year ethnic cleansing and IOA’s hasbara keeps the world stupid and backwards.

As soon as reports like Goldstone’s hit the media, and his remarks of “never mind…” hit some journalists using their own minds and opinion, IOA is twisting it’s behind like never before. Eternally victimized by their Holocaust, it seems it gives them the right to get away with every crime, oppression, assassination, expulsions, evictions, ethnic cleansing and plain massacres.

Zionist, have become, exactly and even worse like those, they once feared and hated themselves.

Needless to say this was not the first massacre since IOA announced it’s own statehood.
Click here for an overview of All Israeli Massacres on Palestinians.

Recapulating the Cast Lead Massacre
Over 1,400 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were killed during 22 days of Israeli shelling from sea, air and land. Palestinians in Gaza had nowhere to flee from Israel’s onslaught as the border has been closed for two years, with disastrous consequences for the 1.5 million in habitants of Gaza — the majority of them children and refugees.

In this time, IOA used indiscriminate force and violence, even made use of forbidden chemical weapons like white Phosphorus, DIME, depleted uranium and more. But still, IOA wants us to believe there was no crime committed at all. I regard this as an insult of our intelligence, but formost an magnum opus of denial of the crimes on Palestinians, the massacred and their loved ones who where left behind.

The ongoing Siege on Gaza already made it to the largest open air prison in the world, but the weapons used on the people of Gaza made it also the largest gas chamber in history. Even now – and probably long lasting and continuing – effects on all kinds of health, of born and even unborn life are horrendous. Birth defects, massive increase of diseases like cancer and more.

Not to be forgotten: The thousands of injured, handicapped, eye- arm- or legless Palestinian people who were mutilated for life…physically as well as mentally. The children, traumatized for life. But IOA committed no crime.

This is an appeal from occupiedpalestine, to use your common sense and mind to behold the facts and judge for yourself, for it is clear judge Goldstone and companions do not want you and us to believe the reality. And as long as IOA’s warcrimes stay unpunished, the zionist modus operandi of ethnic cleansing in any way possible will continue and increase. It not has been enough it has been to much already too long.

Palestine is not waiting to be the next to hear the world says again:Wir haben es nicht gewußt…





Ramsey Clark delivers a lecture in the IUG Gaza


Al Qassam website– The former United States  Attorney General-William Ramsey Clark delivered on Thursday January 6, 2011 a lecture in the Islamic University of Gaza(IUG), the lecture entitled as “International Law and the Future of Palestine”.

The lecture was attended by huge masses in the Islamic University of Gaza including the President of the IUG Dr-Kamaline Sha’th and Head of the Public committee for breaking the siege Dr-Jamal Naji Al Khudari in addition to a number of Palestinian politicians, academicians and religious figures.

Among the audiences who attended Clark’s lecture was the Asian 1 convoy activists who came to feel solidarity with the Palestinian people, however, Clark has discussed many issues related to the International Law and the Palestinian right of determination and statehood.

Palestinian right of Resistance

During his lecture in the IUG, Clark asserted on the Palestinian right of resistance, adding that he and many people like him in the United States have defended the Palestinian rights and exposed the Zionist crimes against people of Gaza and West Bank.

He said that many American lawyers and politicians in the US stand strongly with the Palestinian people by the power of the International Law and the public support, and mentioned that many cases were filed against Zionist occupation leaders in the United States and other international courts , which are all accuse Israel of committing  war crimes and crimes against humanity, but Clark pointed out that all these attempts have failed due to the lack of political support and power of the Zionist lobby in the US.

Clark accused Israeli occupation and its allies of terrorism for rejecting the Palestinian Democratic choice represented in the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas.

Hamas leadership is the legal

“Hamas leadership is the legal leadership that succeeded in the Palestinian Democratic elections and people needs a government that protect their children and women”, William Clark said.

In addition, he praised the leadership of Hamas as saying  “pure and genius” for serving  all kinds of Palestinian people to keep him steadfast and strong.

We defending the Palestinian case since the 1948 when Zionists attacked the homeland of Palestine and corrupted everything at that time, we doing our efforts by using the power of the International Law to let you live in one Palestinian country with full rights, we struggle in the United Nations and in many international courts to bring the Palestinian rights back, he said.

For the Palestinian unity, Clark mentioned that the American unity should be an example for the Palestinian people, he said we were separated but later on we united in one country.

Palestinian unity and Statehood

However, he said that Palestinian unity is essential and should take place among Palestinians, and without unity government things will not be better.

Eventually, and at the end of his lecture, Ramsey Clark hoped a Palestinian state for the Palestinians with full International recognition.

Its important here to mention that the Islamic University of Gaza was targeted many times as a civilian property by the Zionist occupation air forces during war on Gaza in 2008-2009, the Zionist targeting caused of huge destruction in the university buildings and properties.

Side of the lecture at the Islamic University of Gaza (Pictures) :

By Al Qassam website correspondent.


Ramsey Clark delivers a lecture in the IUG – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades.

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