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Jan 21, 2011 by OccuppiedPalestine

Yesterday Umm Hajar’s Facebook page was disabled again. For the third time.


Kindly notice, the pages seem to be visible on FB, but not accessible for Umm. She is receiving a lot of friendrequest which are send to the email linked to the account but is not able to access to post nor confirm. Appreciating all your support highly!

I express my concern about FB disabling the accounts for no reason. FB’s supposed to be a social site and it defeats the purpose of the service when the accounts of popular and active users are randomly disabled, thus cutting them off from their network of contacts and destroying irrevocably what they have spent months and/or years building up here: photo albums, notes, groups, personal updates via facebook mobile and all the information of a personal nature stored in the mailbox, etc.

Previously it was (and that page still is disabled) on Dec 4, 2010 a friend and brother created a cause for the disabling of the Facebook account of Umm Hajar and of all those sharing news about Palestine which seem to be continuous target of deactivating, muting, restricting ordisabling by Facebook, trying to mute the truth and freedom of speech or to show solidarity with all people victimized by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, on ALL sides.

Below the appeal on the cause as posted by one of her Friends



Her personal profile was disabled on Dec 3, 2010,no reason stated at all.

Almost 8 months daily work lot of hours, lost over 25.000 newspost (of already in media published newsitems..so nothing new) and contacts and messages of almost 5000 friends, groups, pages, notes, religious knowledgenotes/sites. Hence, even the Eid/Holiday cards she received are all gone.

She can use our help, to stay protesting for the cause (Peace for all!) please invite your friends to her pages.

In may 2010 She started resharing news for Palestine with 0 friends.
September 2010 She almost reached limit of 5000 so started new page
Oct 23, 2010 She reached 7456 people with the newsposts
1 Page was deleted, lost 2515 friends and started again
Nov 26, 2010 she reached 7882 people with the newsposts
Yesterday the personal profile was deleted, so – 5000
-25.000 newsposts, all notes, sources, personal and other mail about religion, the cause, and all information lost.

63 Years of Occupation, massacres and Al Nakba is enough. Share the word, the pictures and the news. Awaken the world in honour of the death of these massacres, may Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala grant the martyrs Jennatul Firdaus and protect our brothers and sisters in Palestine and elsewhere in the world, and all those living in oppression or violence or danger. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabb

Update from Umm Hajar: Friend Requests and Messages Blocked for 4 Days
To prevent you from contacting people against their wishes, your friend requests and your ability to send messages to strangers have been blocked for 4 days. Friend requests are more likely to be accepted when you send them to people you already know, such as classmates, friends, family and coworkers. If you use Facebook to communicate with strangers, they have the option to report that they don’t know you or to mark the communication as spam. If this happens repeatedly, you could be viewed as violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Than i got message had to agree all pending friend request or add will be blocked and pending ones deleted or i will be disabled again. So far suggested friends… even from FB itself….

Below a overview of the friends and disabled pages:

This is an overview of the results of daily updates posting about Palestine since May 2010, and how the pages and interested friends on non public (!) profiles get zapped all the time by discriminatory Facebook rulings:

To show the interest of Umm Hajar’s updates on her pages insights of her fanpage (Jan 15, 2011)

Over 1 Million views:

Emailing Facebook

So Umm send an email to facebook, not able to receive the by Facebook required code by SMS and sends them the phonenumber (which is wiped out of the image below) to verify. Also complaint about the previous disabled accounts.


Almost day later she recieves the message below, in which Facebook is demanding a FULL COLOUR COPY of ID/Passport, anyway, something issued by a GOVERNMENT and in full color as well:


Now. Privacy and law, copyrights on passports mainly prohibit making copies, definitely when it is not for own use, or for the purpose/use by governmental institutions or persons like notaries, solicitors, banks and government departments etc. These kinds of requests, or better mark them as “demands”, are even a violation of privacy, hence, full colour copies could be abused for fraude and so on.

Besides this. it seems that the policy of Facebook is quit discriminating, for no one gets these demands and loads of people use nicknames in stead of their own name, and no one is asked about their passport (in full color mind you!)

Last but not least, Facebook not seems be willing to answer the question in previous email about the blocks and deactivating of pages at all….

Maybe they should rename FACEBOOK into FAILBOOK


Sunday, Jan 23, 2011
The Cause is updated with the next message: please send your request to http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?i… NOT on the blocked page.
Her other page is visible to YOU, but she can not enter to confirm your requests…