Malaysia Alleviates Suffering In Gaza




January 12, 2011 14:24 PM

Malaysia Alleviates Suffering In Gaza


By Saleh Hasan

GAZA CITY, Jan 12 (Bernama) — A 24-year-old college student who lost his legs in an Israeli air strike, is now determined to step forward into the future, following a trip to Malaysia last year.

Mohammed Ajoor was walking with his friend near his home in the east of Gaza City when the Israelis attacked the area during its three-week onslaught in December 2008.

“I could not bear the pain,” said Mohammed who was chosen by Aman Palestine Berhad, along with two others, to travel to Kuala Lumpur for a surgery to be fitted with artificial limbs.

The trip gave him signs of hope and helped him to vanquish part of his frustration and depression.

“I would like to convey my deep appreciation to the Malaysian Government and the Malaysian people who are supporting the Palestinian cause. What you have done for me symbolises the strong relationship between Palestine and Malaysia,” he said.

“I feel that I have high morale now although I still suffer from my almost paralysed hand,” said Mohammed.

Backed by his parents, the young man continues his sport study at a college in Gaza after a period of absence for medical treatment.

“I will not let my injury hinder my sport activities. I have to achieve my ambition,” he said.

Government employee Sameeh Al-Masri, 38, accompanied Mohammed to Kuala Lumpur for a similar purpose.

The father of five also lost his legs during the Isreali attack.

He was using the wheelchair before his trip to Malaysia but when he returned to Gaza, his children were very happy to see their father walking with the aid of prosthetic legs.

Under Aman Palestine auspices, 10 wounded Palestinians, who lost both their legs during the Isreali attack, were selected to undergo surgery in Malaysia for prosthetic legs as part of a project costing US$150,000.

While Mohammed and Sameeh, along with another man had undergone the operation, the rest of the wounded are eagerly awaiting their trip.

The three returned to Gaza with their newly-fitted artificial limbs after six months of treatment.

Sameeh recalled being warmly welcomed by Malaysian officials and people.

They were very delighted to meet with the Malaysian prime minister’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, said Sameeh who cherished a memorial cup given to them by Rosmah.

The director of Aman Palestine in Gaza Strip, Omar Seyam, supervised its projects here to ensure aid was distributed to the needy.

He values Malaysian efforts to provide assistance and hoped they would step up their financial and emotional support to the Palestinian people.

“Your donations and aid strengthen our steadfastness…what you donate will be handed to the needy people under our supervision,” said Omar.

A large-size map of Malaysia and the portraits of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong adorned the walls of his office.

It also had the Palestinian, Malaysian and the association’s flags.

At the entrance of his office, a slogan reads: “The mission of the society is to help the Palestinians build their future and continue their living”.

Aman Palestine Berhad has been adopting several projects helping wounded and impoverished Palestinians.

It started its charitable activities in 2006, as the first Malaysian-initiated organisation in the Gaza Strip.

While monitoring the sufferings of the Palestinians, Aman directors had been extending their hand to all Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and in the diaspora where Palestinian refugees live in several Arab countries.

In its primary stages, the foundation implemented a number of projects improving the medical services and the conditions of the wretched refugees.

It also helped the farmers whose farms, which were the main source of their living, were demolished by the Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


BERNAMA – Malaysia Alleviates Suffering In Gaza.