IOF soldiers execute Palestinian farmer in northern Gaza

IOF soldiers execute Palestinian farmer in northern Gaza


Al Qassam website– Beit Hanun -An elderly Palestinian farmer was shot dead at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) near the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanun on Monday, medical sources reported.

Adham abu Salmiya, the spokesman for medical services, said that Sha’ban Qarmut, 65, was hit with three bullets in the chest by the IOF soldiers.

He said that Qarmut was farming his land north of the Beit Hanun city when he was executed, adding that he died instantly.

In the details of targeting, said the general coordinator of local initiative Saber Aza’anin ”  that we were in a visit for the farmer Qarmut with a joint of Italian project manager, we sat down with the farmer in his farm and talked with him about his daily suffering due to the Israeli security fence and deportation of his family  out home by IOF soldiers.

“At about 2:00pm we left  the farm of Qarmut around the Beit Hanun crossing , we got to the car on the street, then Qarmut went to tie his donkey near home for about 10 meters from the west.

The Israeli soldiers stationed at the military watch tower opened fire directly at Qarmut and shot him delibrately to the neck, what caused of his death immediately .

The IOF troops daily target Palestinian farmers and workers along the security fence surrounding the Strip.