Askool: IOF troops killed 176 students, teachers in Gaza war

[ 04/01/2011 – 10:52 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Dr. Mohammed Askool, the minister of education in Gaza Strip, said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed 164 students during their bloody war on the Strip two years ago.

He told the PIC in an interview on Tuesday that 454 students were wounded in the war most of whom had their hands or legs amputated or had their bodies and faces mutilated.

The minister said that 12 teachers were killed and 5 were injured in that war while around 166 schools were targeted by the IOF war machine.

Askool said that the ministry managed over the past couple of years to rehabilitate all targeted schools and modernized their installations with local potentials and with the support of local, Arab, and Islamic institutions.

The ministry still needs to build 25 schools each year to compensate for the shortage in school buildings as a result of the stoppage in construction due to the four-year Israeli siege on the Strip, the minister pointed out.

Askool: IOF troops killed 176 students, teachers in Gaza war.