European activists visit massive war exhibit in Gaza

[ 03/01/2011 – 04:26 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– A delegation from Europe, including Italian singer Joseph Valese, paid a visit to the Gaza Strip Sunday to attend an exhibition staged by Hamas’s Tuffah district media committee.

Valese is a key activist against the Gaza siege, having taken part in the first ever naval Gaza aid mission, Lifeline 1, and the Freedom Flotilla, which was lethally attacked by Israel’s navy late last May.

Hamas’s Tuffah district media board, marking the second anniversary of the last Gaza war, opened Friday afternoon the “See” exhibition in Gaza’s Tuffah district to depict the stages of the brutal war. It is the largest exhibition of its class in east Gaza.

The European visitors landed in Gaza through the Egyptian border Rafah crossing in coordination with the “Our Land” cultural center before being welcomed by media board head Saad Ikrim and touring the exhibition’s sections.

Shocked at the volume of remnants of artillery shells used by the Israeli occupation army during the war, the activists pledged to spread to the outside world photos of Gazan war victims. Vanese called the Israelis “enemies of humanity”, and has sights set on producing a film in multiple languages in part with the “Our Land” center after witnessing the war aftermath embodied in the exhibit.

The overseeing committee announced it would extend the exhibition to be caught by the Asian Convoy 1, which landed in Egypt’s Port El Arish a few days back in the mission’s last stop before arriving at Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid.

European activists visit massive war exhibit in Gaza.