Israeli leaders, soldiers fear arrest over Gaza War Crimes

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Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post, published a report warning Israeli soldiers from travelling abroad. The warning is built upon great concerns that they might be arrested of war crimes they have committed in the last war perpetrated against Gaza civilians.


According to the paper a letter sent by one of Israeli occupation army leaders published recently included names, addresses and personal details of 200 (IDF) officers who participated in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip two years ago, under the claim that they were war criminals.

When traveling overseas, the letter warned, retired officers should pay attention to the airlines they use and the airports at which they land, and ensure that the hotels they choose have been approved by Israeli security officials. The letter also recommended staying on a middle floor at hotels, and in a corner room.

Many Israeli leaders are being chased in Europe for possible war crimes that have committed in Gaza and Lebanon. Even Israeli politicians like Ehud Barak and Tsipi Levine were about to be arrested in the UK due to their direct involvement in Gaza war crimes. Yet, they have managed to flee London hours before arrest attempts.

Its remarkable that Israel launched a full scale military operation in Gaza 2008-2009 targeting obviously the innocent civilians. Victims scale was huge and mostly children and women. Whilst less than 300 were defenders.

By Sameh Habeeb
Palestine Telegraph Newspaper

Israeli leaders, soldiers fear arrest over Gaza War Crimes.