IMEU: Gaza Two Years Later: The world has come to recognize our plight

Mohammed Said AlNadi, Mondoweiss, Dec 30, 2010


Palestinian medics in the town of Beit Lahiya carry a man wounded during an Israeli army assault on the northern Gaza Strip. (Khalil Hamra, Maan Images)

It is odd that tragedies make obscure things more noticeable. For so many years, the tiny coastal belt, the Gaza Strip, being a needle-eye spot on the world’s map, was not present in the mind of the people across the world. They had no idea about what or where Gaza was, either because they were ignorant of it or they took the “hostile-entity” image for granted. But after Israel’s pogrom in winter 2008-2009, in which more than 1400 innocent people were massacred in Gaza, needless to talk about the extremely unrestrained indulgence in destroying businesses, civilian-owned houses, schools and mosques– Gaza has gotten into the very conscience of the world.

Gaza was first brought into notice after Israel and some other accomplices imposed an ever-tightening siege, shortly after Hamas won the Palestinian election. Israel has shut down all crossings, preventing even life basics from going in or out of the Gaza Strip. As a result, life in Gaza has been deteriorating ever since.

And as the siege has been tightened, people around the world have likewise grown guilty. The necessity of having to do something has eaten away at their conscience. Ashamed or even appalled by Israeli capacity for atrocity, they have set out to act. Peoples of the world have directed their attention towards Gaza, and begun to give either morally or financially, represented in sea voyages or delegations, all in solidarity and support of the besieged people in Gaza.

And this mechanism of activism peaked after the war. The world could no longer put up with Israel’s continuing genocidal policies in Gaza, and felt an urgent need to take a firm stand against Israel.

The unintended consequences of the war on Gaza have surprisingly been the antithesis of Israel’s clear intention to obliterate Gaza; after the Gaza massacre, the ball has been out of Israel’s court, and the massacre has continued to stir global anger and dissatisfaction.

Now, the entire world is confident Israel does not know any language other than the language of violence, even against internationals trying to bring in humanitarian aid (what happened of late with the Freedom Flotilla was a substantial proof) and the growing peaceful resistance battling Israel’s overtly racist regime and land sequestration policies in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

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IMEU: Gaza Two Years Later: The world has come to recognize our plight.


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