Israeli Piracy continues: 6 Palestinian fishermen abducted



Gaza, December 28, (Pal telegraph) –  Israeli occupation forces seized 6 Palestinian fishermen off Gaza shore northern the besieged Gaza Strip. Israeli naval forces  opened its heavy machine guns against the innocent fishing boats.



The act is considered as direct piracy as it took place within the Palestinian territorial waters. Israeli sources tried to cover up the incident by announcing that the fishermen were sailing beside unknown body.



After shooting and causing a case of fear across fishing boats, the army captured illegally 6 Palestinian fishermen to unknown place.

Israeli army regularly hinders the work of Palestinian fishermen. Instead of allowing them to fish in the Palestinian waters, Israeli naval forces storm these waters and attack them. More than dozens were killed and many others were injured, others were captured in the past few years.

Israel imposes a naval blockade along the tight blockade over Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza are not allowed to sail into or out of these waters. Although, Israel pretended that it has withdraw entirely from Gaza back in 2005, it remains in control of Gaza borders, especially the waters.

Israeli acts are considered to be direct piracy. Many ships tried to send food to Gaza were either attacked or confiscated leaving Gazans suffer grim results of the siege.

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Israeli Piracy continues: 6 Palestinian fishermen abducted.