Israel blocks essential medical supplies for Gaza hospitals

[ 27/12/2010 – 08:01 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Gaza Health Ministry’s maintenance and engineering authority warned of the dangers of Israel’s block of chemicals used in the oxygen station at the maternity ward of Shifa hospital and spare parts for CT at the European Hospital in Khan Younis from being delivered to the ministry’s institutions.

Maintenance and engineering director Bassam al-Hamadein at the ministry stressed Thursday that the Gaza Strip has been suffering for four years from an unjust siege that has left a devastating impact on all aspects of life, Israel’s block of medical supplies into the Strip is exacerbating the health situation.

Hamadein called on the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and other rights groups for the necessity for swift intervention in providing the Gazans with their medical needs.

The health ministry called on donor government and non-government organizations to pressure Israel to give clearance for needed medical supplies to be delivered to the ministry.

Israel blocks essential medical supplies for Gaza hospitals.