EU Groups Mark the Anniversary of the Israeli War on Gaza

28.12.10 – 12:45

Rome – PNN – Hundreds of people organized protests in a number of European cities this week marking the second anniversary of the Israeli war on Gaza.


EU Groups Protest Cast Lead of 2008

During the 22-days long offensive, which Israeli called Cast Lead operation, 1,500 Palestinians were killed and as many as 5,000 people were injured. The Israeli army launched attacks from sea, land, and air on December 27 2008 and stopped it on January 18 2009.

The assault was later condemned by a UN investigation, which found evidence that Israel had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

On Monday Peace campaigners and activists for Palestinian human rights gathered at the Israeli embassy in London. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has organized the vigil with a coalition of partners across the UK.

Sarah Colborne, PSC’s Director of Campaigns and Operations, said before the action : “The vigil will send a clear message to Israel that its barbarity in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead has not, and will not, be forgotten.

“Israel must be held to account for the crimes it has committed, and is continuing to commit, against the Palestinian people. Allowing Israel to act with impunity simply encourages further war crimes. In the interests of peace and justice for all, Israeli violations of international law must end.” Colborne added.


Palestinian Student Collation in Belgium

Meanwhile in Rome, Italy, scores of protesters marched holding banners demanding the Italian government to support the Palestinians nation in their struggle for legal rights.  Another simmlier protest was organized by the Palestinian Student Collation in Belgium.

Israel’s  siege of Gaza is now in its fourth year. Two years after Operation Cast Lead, the siege means that Gaza’s infrastructure – including schools, hospitals, factories and sewage systems – has still not been repaired and people are still living in the rubble of their homes destroyed by Israeli troops, or in makeshift tents.

PNN – Palestine News Network – EU Groups Mark the Anniversary of the Israeli War on Gaza.