UNICEF: Gaza’s children: “I wish the war would end.”

NEW YORK, USA, 12 January 2009 The children of Gaza have three hours a day in which its safe, at least in theory, to go out. The humanitarian ceasefire does not always hold, but it provides a measure of relief for those who need to find food and water, or try to retrieve possessions from their former homes.

In Sheikh Radwan, children climb over the rubble, looking for familiar things, trying to make sense of what has happened to their community in the last two weeks.

I was at Grandpas house, said Ehab, 12. I heard the shelling and ran away. I saw the house being shelled. The windows broke as well as the door. All of it gone, there is no longer a house.

YouTube – UNICEF: Gaza’s children: “I wish the war would end.”.