January 6th, 2009 


These young Israelis in the photo are watching as the Israeli army carrries out its deadly bombardment of Gaza. They look like they’re enjoying it and having fun. They’re watching it, using binoculars; they’re laughing, and are chatting about what they’re seeing…No, it’s not the New Year Eve’s fireworks…It’s a festive moment though -they’re enjoying the extermination of the Palestinian people! [Freely translated from islamboutique.fr]

(It reminds one of “the dancing Israelis” on 9/11, with their high fives and their evil gloating and schadenfreude.)

You want to know what the young people in the photo are so happy & gleeful about? After CANA, you should know precisely what make some Israelis tic. In case you want to make sure you do, just click on the links below and find out…


[What the….? Links for Gaza Pics Disappeared??!!
Did someone remove the link to the daily updated pics of Gaza? It was supposed to be :


It’s not working for me

Someone PLEASE tell me they just moved the site….I snapshot & save EVERYTHING, but I forgot to snapshot this page; I only saved a few pics

Their pics are updated every few hours, & the pics are large.

Does anyone know where it went?

A few of pics I saved (click for full size):]



Except for this one- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjw8U0AcH4Q and this one http://portail.islamboutique.fr/forum/forum2.php -none of the links seem to work anymore. One can only speculate, but it could not be the work of the only democracy in the Middle East & its friends, because they are such great champions of freedom of thought & the open society…