Canada’s obscene part in Gaza atrocities

January 10th, 2009 

Mohawk Nation News

How many Palestinian infants, toddlers, children and schools have been bombed by the criminals in charge of Israeli forces in the last few days? What law are they following? An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! This is primitive barbarity. The Israelis claim if they kill enough Palestinians, Hamas will stop sending in rockets. Conveniently overlooked is the fact that Israelis have built a wall around Gaza to control every Palestinian and everything that comes in and out of the ghetto to deliberately force the people into desperation.

Also forgotten is that parts of the new smart bomb, GBU 39, designed for urban warfare, is made in Canadian facilities with the help of government tax breaks and Canada Pension Plan investments. This is obscene!


Gaza is occupied Palestinian territory. The Israelis and Americans toppled the democratically elected Hamas government because it couldn’t control them. The war is being waged on civilians who have no arms nor anywhere to hide. How noble is it for heavily armed Israelis to shoot fish in a rain barrel? The Palestinians have a right to live. They can only lob their homemade rockets into Israel. The Israelis attack them with illegal weapons. All weapons are illegal. Manufacturers should be prosecuted. The weapons collected and buried.

The United Nations is looking more like a bogus organization that serves the interests of a handful of war mongers who are trying to profit by setting up a New World Order. This is where the bankers and war mongers are the bosses and we are supposed to be their slaves. We fear the UN is setting up an “international department of Indian affairs” to control all indigenous peoples and resources worldwide.

Obviously the U.S. cannot broker the peace agreement when they are supporting Israel’s attack and supplying the weapons. We Indigenous went through the same plot. To stop the invading Europeans from killing us all off, we were forced to give up our possessions and territories. We resisted. 115 million of our people died in the biggest holocaust in all humanity. The survivors had to live in concentration camps called “reserves”. Today the Israelis and their backers are carrying out the same sequence of events in the Middle East. The UN, US, Canada and Europe are part of this.

The majority of the people in the world are appalled by Israel’s atrocities. They have killed over 500, mostly civilians. Over 2000 have been cruelly injured by illegal weapons made from depleted uranium and phosphorous. Palestinians have reached out to their Arab brothers and sisters whose governments are controlled by the West. Iran could be nuked by the U.S. if they helped their Palestinian family. We know how hard it is to unify. The colonists constantly work at dividing us. We too were starved and abused so they could grab our territories and wreak environmental havoc.

Just follow the “blood money”. Canada helps craft and support this cynical conspiracy. 10% of income tax goes to the military. The Canada Pension Plan contributions are invested in Carlyle Group and such weapons makers as NG [Northrop Grundman], L3Com, BAESystems, Bombardier, Raytheon, DRS Technologies, Boeing and many more. How many people get their pay check directly or indirectly from the military industry?

Mineral resources to make these deadly bombs and destroy the world are being stolen from our territories that have been left polluted in the process. We constantly object and are threatened and subjected to impoverishment. Our social programs, health care, education and infra structure are cut back or stopped altogether to shut us up. For example, the dissidents of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake Quebec have moved out of their communities and into the bush. They are unwanted because they are trying to stop deforestation, demineralization and water diversion of their territory. The guys trying to control our territories are finding the biggest obstacles are the sovereign legal resistance of the Indigenous people. A huge intelligence network has been set up to undermine and control our people and put out misinformation to us and about us to the public.

Survival is natural. To murder babies, women, men and elders is not natural. The Palestinians are struggling to survive. Those who follow this natural instinct are labeled “terrorist”. In fact we are defenders of our people, land, nation, very existence and Mother Earth. Every living creature has a right to carry out the natural instinct for self-preservation. Creation put that in us.

The war mongers tell us we have no right to self preservation. The Palestinians are being forced to live under the apartheid “Indian Act” system of Gaza which is being rammed down their throats. The same apartheid system was imposed on us and continues here. They pulled out papers on us. What are these papers? Why does their paper have more authority than human rights and our lives? Is it because they have a big gun and can constantly threaten us? This is thuggery!

The idea that peace can be bought at the end of a gun has been proven false time after time. Fanaticism has never solved anything. Truly impartial people must be found to form a body that can broker a true peace. Peace will come if people learn how to stop being greedy. There has to be a real willingness to assert equality and a voice for everybody. There will never be peace of mind on the terms of the war mongers and their cohorts that want control over us, our land, culture and resources.

According to the Kaianereh:kowa, the Great law of Peace, the grievances felt by people on both sides has to be acknowledged. We, the Rotinoshonni:onwe [Iroquois] have a ceremony called the “small condolence” which we perform before any negotiations. It is all symbolic. The eyes are wiped with the softest skin of the deer so that we may see the issue clearly; the ear is cleared with an eagle feather so that we may listen and hear what is being said; and a glass of clear water is drunk to clear our throats so that only those words that have no jagged edges will come forth.

Unfortunately, it looks unlikely that these few war mongers will look for methodologies that can bring true peace. They are making too much money. If we choose we can organize an economy so that people can be rich without obscene torture, death and famine. First the arms have to be buried.

True peace requires work. These war mongers have to be dealt with. The people have to stop listening to their propaganda. These greedy war mongers don’t have borders and no loyalty to anybody but their bank accounts and their lust for the power of life and death over us. This 3% of the population are multi national corporations, their governments, their military and their agents. They own the banks and try to control everything. They fix the economy to hold us hostage.

The Palestinians will not die quietly in the Gaza ghetto from starvation, thirst, bombs or anonymity.

Iakoha’ko:wa, Eagle Watch near Sharbot Lake of Haudenosaunee Territory, MNN Mohawk Nation News;;;;